A Public free from waterborne pathogens and exposure to physical and chemical hazards


To ensure safe drinking water through provision of laboratory services for bacteriological, physical and chemical examination of water


DOH Accredited Laboratory for Drinking Water. Authority to operate a chemical laboratory issued by the PRC/Professional Regulatory Board of Chemistry.

2008 - Started to operate as Water testing laboratory only for bacteriological analysis. Applied for accreditation.

2010 - ZCMC received accreditation from Department of Health only for Bacteriological test.

2015 - DOH Central Office inspected the lab and recommended to setup a Chemical Laboratory for Water; Area was provided.

2016 - Norovirus outbreak; - DOH funded 1M for more faster bacteriological testing and the 3.9M for the setup of Chemical Laboratory for drinking water.

2017 - procurement of equipments and reagents; started few tests under the PNSDW 2017

2018 - ZCMC was accredited by the Department of Health for Chemical, Physical and Bacteriological Analysis. ZCMC receives and analyze samples for complete